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Ugo Foscolo is one of the most important representatives of the generation of Italians who lived through the end of the Ancien Régime (Old Regime) and the assertion of a national political consciousness, via radical changes in customs, taste and literary identity. He interpreted the contradictions of his time to the limit in his adventurous, "romantic" lifestyle and in his eclectic work; his writing is characterized, apart from rare exceptions, by a state of incompletion that bears witness to a conflictual relationship with reality and the idea of literature itself, at times courtly and solemn, at others demystifying and ironic; at the same time, the writer is one of the most lucid interpreters of the epoch-making changes of his time, with a critical awareness of Italian culture at the threshold of modernity.

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Foscolo's life from the mythical Greek childhood to the laborious exile in England via the crucial experience of his political militancy in Venice and Milan in the years of the Republican Triennium and of the Napoleonic era.

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The varied activities of the writer, poet, professor, novelist, translator, historian, polemist, literary critic and philologist: writing that was always a protagonist of the history of its time.

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The most significant moments in Foscolo's life and work: his meetings with his contemporaries, his dialogue with the classics, the influence of female figures, the recurring themes of his literary writing.

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